Tujhse hai raabta 3 july 2019

The Episode starts with hospital staff lady asking Kalyani if she needs a baby. Kalyani says yes. Anupriya calls her to give bad news. Kalyani says even I have a bad news to give you. Sampada comes to room and sees Atharv sitting on floor. She asks what happened? Atharv says my wife left me and eloped. Sampada says I am here. Atharv says you are my namesake wife, but Mugdha is my real wife. He says Malhar freed Mugdha and took her with him. Sampada asks him to do something and asks his men to catch her.

Atharv says all goons are caught and says everything ended. He asks her to dance and says we are ruined because of your wish to get your son. Sampada asks him to calm down and says I will get my passport from Malhar.

Hospital staff lady takes Kalyani to the ward and says this is the ward where we give baby for adoption. Kalyani sees Moksh with the other kids. Anupriya comes there indisguise and says she wants baby. She asks whom to meet? Lady asks from where she came? Anupriya says she came from Mumbai and have a big bungalow.

Kalyani recognizes her. Kalyani asks Anupriya why she came? Anupriya worries that Vaman might identify her. Kalyani says he will not identify and asks why Billu is here. Anupriya says it is good that I heard your conversation and told that they want to adopt the baby.

She gets a call and asks him to come to Room No. Kalyani sees Sarthak there. Sarthak looks at Anupriya while the song tujhe dekha toh ye plays in background. Anupriya says I told him everything and briefs him about adoption. Lady tells Vaman that she asked for extra Sarthak says why Sampada will give Moksh for adoption and says you shall tell Malhar. Kalyani says he is not willing to hear me. Sarthak calls Malhar, but his number is not reachable. Kalyani asks them to act as a couple to adopt Moksh.

Anupriya asks what are you saying. Kalyani asks her to focus on Moksh and act. Sarthak says we have to just act for Moksh. Vaman asks if there is any girl with them.The Episode starts with Malhar requesting to the people in the video to help them find their son. He says I love my son very much, just like you love your kids.

tujhse hai raabta 3 july 2019

He says if anyone gets info then contact the Police station. Kalyani asks the ladies to help them and cries. The lady asks who is this lady then? The ladies apologize to them. She says if you are of no use for me then you shall not be alive. She tries to strangulate her. Atharv comes and pushes Sampada. He asks lady goon to go. He asks Sampada why did you do this?

Atharv says Moksh is still with your baba. Aparna comes and hears her. She asks what Moksh is doing with your baba and asks if she meets him even now. Sampada closes the door. The ladies enquire about Moksh in the neighborhood.

Tujhse Hai Raabta 3 July 2019 written update of full episode: Anupriya teaches a lesson to Atharva

Pawar tells that someone messaged that the baby is found with a man. They reach there. Vaman sees Malhar and runs holding a basket. Malhar asks him to stop. Basket flies in air. Malhar catches the basket and opens it, but Moksh is not inside. He asks Vaman to tell where is Moksh?

Vaman says you will raise hand on me. Malhar says you and asks where is Moksh.

Tujhse Hai Raabta 22 July 2019 written update of full episode: Atharva to escape from the arrest?

Vaman says Aparna came and took Moksh with her. She asks him to run diverting his attention. Malhar says do you think that this is a joke, you are hurting the baby. Atharv asks Sampada about Moksh. Sampada says he is safe with Aai. Atharv asks her not to worry. Kalyani calls him and tells him that she has Sampada and his passport.

tujhse hai raabta 3 july 2019

Atharv says how to believe him. Sampada comes and asks if Malhar got ready to give their passport. Atharv thinks he shall not tell Sampada and thinks to go and get his passport.The Episode starts with Kalyani coming to room and seeing Atharv sleeping with Malhar on the bed. She wakes up Malhar. Malhar wakes up and asks Atharv what he is doing here? Atharv says tomorrow is holiday so he will sleep with them. He says Balu sleeps with you daily and says I will also sleep with you.

He jumps on the bed and calls him Aai and baba. Malhar asks him not to call him baba. Atharv goes to Moksh. Malhar asks him not to touch balu and asks him to go out. Atharv says I am scared to sleep lonely and tells that bhoobhoo is under her bed.

Malhar asks what? Kalyani tells Malhar. Malhar says you are coming in his talks. Kalyani takes him to side and tells that they will take him to hall, make him sit there and go out. Then they will come to their room from outside and lock the door. Kalyani calls Atharv as Atharv baby and says babies wear night wear and brush their teeth. Atharv asks her to take him in her lap. Kalyani says good boys walk on their own. Kalyani asks Atharv to sit and says your Aai and baba will bring night wear for you.

Atharv asks her to come fast. They make him sit and run out. Kalyani tells Malhar that Atharv will ruin their night and try to go their house. Atharv comes out calling Kalyani. Malhar and Kalyani hide in the big drum. Atharv kicks the drum. The drum starts rolling. Malhar and Kalyani come out from it.

They have an eye lock. Song plays pehle nasha song plays…. He frees it and claps to make Kalyani come in her senses. Kalyani asks about the song. Malhar says which song. He says you and your films. He says Atharv is acting.You can change your city from here. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city.

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Hindi English Ellen DeGeneres faces crew fury over pay, working hours. Does Khloe Kardashian plan on having more kids with ex Tristan Thompson? Kris Jenner feeds tacos to daughter Kylie Jenner after her eye surgery; watch.The Episode starts with Anupriya seeing some other baby at home inplace of Moksh.

She thinks Kalyani is right and faints. Sarthak comes there and asks Anupriya to gain consciousness. Anupriya gains consciousness and tells that Moksh is in danger. She says hospital. Sampada is in the hospital and talks to the watchman. He calls the couple there. Sampada asks them to adopt her son and then go to other country. She says she will reach there after a week and get her son back. She says Malhar will not let Atharv take Moksh with us. Kalyani is searching Sampada. Sampada sees the nurse and scolds the watchman.

She says nobody shall know what I want to do with my son. Kalyani sees Anupriya is in the hospital as Sarthak brought her. She asks what happened? Anupriya says she had a small injury. Sarthak says he got her tetanus injection and asks her to take care. He leaves. Anupriya asks what are you doing here and says she wants to tell her about Billu.

Kalyani says she is searching Billu. She asks them to take him to Dubai and says Atharv and I will take him from you there. She says tomorrow I will come and give Moksh to you. Watchman tells that Kalyani saw me with Moksh today.

Tujhse Hai Raabta - Spoiler Alert - 17 June 2019 - Watch Full Episode On ZEE5 - Episode 214

Kalyani asks Anupriya to act till she goes inside. Kalyani comes to the CCTV room. A Security guy comes there. Kalyani hides. Anupriya sees Sampada going with Moksh and asks her. The couple tells that they shall talk to her about money once. Watchman says I will talk to her, she left now.

Anupriya asks what are you doing here? Sampada says this is my son so I will take care of him.

tujhse hai raabta 3 july 2019

She calls watchman and says Kalyani must also be here. Kalyani searches for the watchman which she saw with Moksh. Watchman hides.The Episode begins with Kalyani conversing with Moksh and requests that he begin figuring out how to talk, at that point we both will sing.

She sees medical clinic tag on his garments and figures what might it be able to be. She puts her hand inside the window and attempts to take the pram. She asks Moksh to move the pram. Sampada is coming there. Moksh moves pram a bit. Kalyani takes the child cover and finds the medical clinic tag on it. She sees Sampada coming and covers up. She comes to Anupriya and demonstrates the emergency clinic tag on the cover. She asks what Sampada needs to do with Moksh. Anupriya advises that Sampada got effective to make Malhar admonish you and annoyed with you.

She requests that her focus on studies. Malhar inquires as to why she is letting him know. Kalyani requests that he express his indignation, yet converse with her. Malhar says I kept sustenance for you and requests that her have nourishment and rest. Kalyani says she needs to think about three additional sections and requests that he rest.

Atharv goes to his new bicycle and tells that he purchased with 4 lakhs Rs. He says when I go to my new production line, at that point will expedite Minister this bicycle. Malhar goes to room without answering anything. Atharv discloses to Kalyani that he will affront Malhar during the industrial facility introduction tomorrow.

She heads inside. She supposes take Minister on a pink ride. Atharv comes and inquires as to whether her training is no more. Anupriya is washing garments and says her instruction is great. Kalyani asks Malhar to converse with him. Pawar reveals to Malhar that he needs to come on the administration bicycle. Kalyani supposes she is proceeded to understand that the bicycle which she painted pink is of Malhar.

Malhar lifts the spread and thinks that its pink. She inquires as to for what reason did you get this bicycle. He says in the event that you ask infront of me, at that point I will give my bicycle. Anupriya acts the hero and admonishes her. Kalyani asks Malhar to rebuff her and paint her pink. Malhar says discipline will be given. Atharv takes video and says a furious spouse painted his better half pink.Kalyani asks Anupriya to talk to Malhar.

Malhar says what is the guarantee that Atharv and Sampada will give Moksh after getting the passport. Sarthak says ok, I hope you are right and asks him to free Kalyani. Until I catch him, let her be inside. She asks Malhar if she can make a phone call. Malhar says you can make many phone calls, but nothing will change. She says even then I want to make a phone call. She asks for her phone and calls Aurangabad FM.

She says you play song for people and says I want to play song for my son, who is kidnapped by someone. Malhar and Anupriya get emotional. Moksh is with Vaman and crying.

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FM is played there also. Kalyani asks whoever has kidnapped my son, please return him. She asks radio to play her song.

She says Billu will keep quiet listening to this song. She sings kuch toh hain tujhse raabta. Malhar cries. Vaman makes Moksh sit and hear the song. Kalyani cries and sings.

Moksh keeps quiet and listens to her song. Kalyani breaks down and cries badly. Anupriya pacifies her. Moksh cries and says Maa. Malhar says I am Malhar Rane and says I am the father of the baby. He requests the FM station to play the song all day. He says I will talk to the management. Vaman thinks how to make him quiet. Moksh keeps quiet. Malhar asks Kalyani to be taken inside the lock up. Kalyani says I will be inside, but you think about Billu. He goes.

Kalyani thinks she will do something to save Moksh. Malhar asks Pawar to enquire about Vaman. Malhar says I will search my son. He says I will see until when he will lock her inside.

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